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2:43 PM - May 08, 2020
Losing a whole year.
It all began just a few weeks ago, four weeks to be exact. I'd walk into a room and see her cellphone slip quickly into her pocket or she would just walk into the other room to text. I started to notice and it didn't feel right. A long phone call on Saturday night, well past her usual bedtime of 930 that went on until 1am. My stomach nearly hurled itself then and there. She left the room to take the call, something she has never done before.
I confronted her and she said it was all in my head, that I was reading to much into things. I consulted a friend or two and was told the same that i was crazy. The feeling didn't end.
After 3 weeks of not eating, not sleeping, doing all the laundry, dishes, outside work, and making sure the boy was feed and doing his homework I couldn't take it anymore. I confronted her nicely at first, saying that this needed to end, that the emotional distance was huge and the proclamation that we would not be trying to have a baby during Covid 19, effectively saying we were not going to have sex anymore spent me spiraling.
I finally got the nerve and asked the important question, I asked if she had been flirting with him, her response was a little as friends. This confirmed what I thought and sent me in a whirl wind.
Being adept at using a computer I found out everything I could about this guy she had been talking to, where he lived, what he did for a living, his family and most importantly his phone number.
I called, no answer.
I told her to let me use her phone to call, and instantly got an answer. I told that Asshole that it wasn't cool he was flirting with my wife and what gave him the right, his response was "This is America." I replied that he sounded like a dumb redneck Trump supporter and if he ever contacted her again I would show him what else can happen in America.
I took her phone and blocked any way for him to contact her. She apologizes and cries and says she is sorry.
Her Mom starts to defend the guy as a old family friend and I told her I didn't care if it was a relative, that I wouldn't stand for this.
May 18th is our one year of being married and I don't feel like celebrating. i don't feel like doing much as of late.



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