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10:42 PM - February 27, 2020
Does anyone read these?
I feel like the world is changing for the worse. Jobs treat employees like slaves, making them work odd and varying hours and not giving them any time for family or god forbid you get sick. I just feel like the world has lost a lot of its compassion, a lot of its were in this together type of mentality. I feel like this is why so many people are depressed and have such anxiety. When we all are just one or two paychecks away from being poor and on the streets. I feel blessed to have a house and to be going to school, but I also feel extremely depressed because I literally know people who are struggling with some very hard things and I have cut them out of my life because I can't help them anymore. I gave and I gave, but at some point if I keep giving I will have nothing.
I kind of hate people and how cold and bitter they have all become.



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